Wiurila manor

Wiurilan manor

Welcome to Wiurila to experience enchanting moments. This splendid manor located in Halikko offers a wealth of sights and activities for all ages. Wiurila situates near Route 110, just seven kilometers from centrum of Salo so it is easily accessible for a delightful visit.

At the heart of the manor area is a large farm's central building designed by C.L. Engel, featuring the restaurant Wiurilan Sigrid with its delicacies and sunny terraces. Travelers can also enjoy comfortable accommodation in the guesthouse located opposite the restaurant. The charming manor Home Museum, which displays artifacts used by the Armfelt family, and the unique Horse Carriage Museum, showing means of tranportation from the 19th century onwards, are also found here.

During the summer season, the manor’s central building open up for contemporary art exhibitions. The largest contemporary art exhibition in Southwest Finland, the Wiurila Summer Biennial, spreads out into old grain magazines, tar warehouses, vaulted root cellars, and the manor park area. Every other year, a smaller Wiurila Summer Studio Exhibition is organized with the biennale, where the focus is on presenting the productions of 1-5 contemporary artists. Admission to exhibitions is free.

The area is surrounded by beautiful nature and a park with abundant rose gardens. Expansive golf courses unfold a rolling, historic landscape for both players and hikers alike. Wiurila offers a view of the sea, where a herd of Highland cattle grazes on the marshy shores in the summer. The birdlife of Halikonlahti, including the regionally dwelling eagle and the nocturnally hooting owl, will surely interest enthusiasts.

Visitors are reminded to adhere to speed limits as the roads are shared with pedestrians, riders, and golfers.